Nutrition is intrinsically a multi- and interdisciplinary scientific activity with a typical complex causality. The determinants of nutritional problems are often found in seemingly unrelated areas (e.g. the role of urban planners or agricultural economics in the fight against the epidemic of obesity). Consequently, solutions to nutritional problems of today will require mobilisation of different disciplines. Such interdisciplinary collaboration is not easily achieved and requires leadership and long lasting partnerships with various stakeholders. The Belgian Nutrition Society (BNS) wants to take this role and aims to be an interdisciplinary network of active scientists in the field of human nutrition. Its main objectives are to stimulate scientific research in the field of human nutrition, to foster collaboration between Belgian scientists working in this area, to disseminate scientific knowledge with regard to human nutrition for the enhancement of public health, to be a reference point for information concerning human nutrition, and to advocate for research in human nutrition and for the implementation of policies and practices related to public health nutrition.


The BNS welcomes scientists from a wide range of areas and disciplines, spanning everything from fundamental research to social and behavioural sciences, but with a common interest in human nutrition. These various disciplines will work together to improve public health.More information can be found here

Events & Messages

The BNS organises on a regular basis different events and can be found here. Hot topics are discussed as well and can be found here.